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Semi-Kinetics, Inc. Acquired by LFR, LLC
Thursday February 1, 2018

LFR, LLC is excited to announce the completion of the agreement to acquire Semi-Kinetics, Inc.

LFR, LLC brings a management team with extensive experience in the contract manufacturing with the focus to implement automation to increase quality, reduce leadtimes, and improve cost of services.

"We are excited to work with Semi-Kinetics' customers, vendors, and employees to increase potential across all our value streams." said Michael Wayne Leedom, President and CEO of Semi-Kinetics.

Semi-Kinetics Implements Pick and Place Automation
Monday May 2, 2016

Semi-Kinetics recently upgraded lines include four new DEK Horizon 031X screen printers, four new Samsung SM482 pick and place machines, four new Heller 1707 MKIII reflow ovens. Semi-Kinetics has also advanced the inspection capability with the addition a new Nordson DAGE Ruby 3D X-Ray System and two Nordson YESTECH Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI).

New DEK Horizon 031X screen printers provides Semi-Kinetics with the accuracy, repeatability and reliability required for the manufacture of assemblies with the smallest devices on the BOM. The DEK Horizon solder inspection tools and convenient operator interface help assure the outstanding solder paste delivery to the PCB in precise volume.

The extremely flexible nozzle and head design of Semi-Kinetics four new Samsung SM482 Chip Mounters accommodate odd-shaped, miniature device and larger IC chips, permitting Semi-Kinetics to manufacture a diverse range of products types. With exceptionally fast placement rates and a well-integrated feeder system the Samsung Chip Mounters increase Semi-Kinetics production line speed and product delivery through the surface mount process.

Heller 1707MKIII Reflow Ovens provide Semi-Kinetics a rapid response time and precise temperature control for complete reflow process uniformity regardless of the component density. The Heller 1707MKIII produces the highest yields through tight process and statistical controls. PCB profiling capabilities and process parameter logging can store a large range of recipes, be it a narrow or wide process window requirement.

The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Ruby 3D X-Ray system is equipped with 3D imaging capabilities and has been added to advance our process validation capabilities and improve solder joint inspection results. The two Nordson YESTECH AOI machines are used for comprehensive inspection of mounted components for both first article and lot acceptance inspection scenarios. The Nordson AOI system offers high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage and is quickly setup for reduced inspection cycle time. The Nordson YESTECH takes advantage of newly available image processing technology to provide Semi-Kinetics with complete inspection coverage and a low false failure rate.

These recent upgrades to Semi-Kinetics surface mount production lines, inspection capabilities, along with Semi-Kinetics well-established process and equipment required for leaded and/or lead-free through-hole wave solder, allow for quick product change over and decreased lead times.

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